Daily Mail - 2021-06-11



Coronavirus Crisis

EVERY day in the Mail you can play Kurosu, the most addictive brainteaser since Sudoku. There are only two rules: 1: Fill in each space with either a nought or a cross so there are no more than two consecutive noughts or crosses in any row or column. Important note: diagonals don’t count. 2: Each row and column must contain three noughts and three crosses. PLAY more Kurosu and 36 puzzles like them every day on your smartphone or tablet with the Mail Digital Edition, your Mail newspaper on your screen. Get a trial offer today at Daily Mail Kurosu Volume 1 out now! Order for £6.29 (RRP £8.99) from books or call 020 3308 9193. Free p&p on orders over £20.



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