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Ephraim Hardcastle

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INTrODuCINg herself to other g7 spouses, will Carrie Johnson be providing a resumé of her exotic Warwick university days? unlikely, as it featured her appearance in FHM magazine’s ‘High Street Honeys Top 100’ – a competition that encouraged women to send in scantily-clad photos to be voted on by salivating readers. Details vanished in 2015 when she became special adviser to Culture Secretary John Whittingdale. She took advantage of the new ‘right to be forgotten’ on her google results. Ditto her Twitter account @carrieapples with its droolings over Zayn from One Direction (‘too hot’) and actor eric Bana (‘Phwoar!!!! So hot’). She told her followers: ‘It’s getting hot in here so take off all your clothes.’ lots to chat about with Jill Biden! DANNY Dorling, the Halford Mackinder Professor of Geography at St Peter’s College, Oxford, is one of the signatories to the Oriel Rhodes statue boycott. Who’s Halfold Mackinder? He was a British imperialist who led the successful first European climb of Mount Kenya in 1899. Eight African porters were killed after Mackinder issued death threats. Shouldn’t students boycott Danny? eVeN in death, Sam Beckett’s dictatorial stage directions are enforced. John Hurt, who had a banana allergy, was only allowed to play Krapp’s last Tape if he ate three bananas nightly. Pregnant Irish actress lisa Dwan, pictured, posed a problem playing Winnie in the Trevor Nunn-directed Happy Days at riverside Studios. Beckett’s executors scanned his instructions without finding any ban on heavily-pregnant actresses. But her bump won’t show. ‘I’m buried up to my waist,’ says lisa. ‘and the baby is in the mound of earth with me.’ BARACK Obama’s London ambassador Matthew Barzun claims that David Cameron tried to persuade Boris Johnson to back Remain in the Brexit referendum by inviting him to play tennis at his private court. Barzun asked Johnson how it went: ‘God, it’s unbelievable,’ Boris complained. ‘He couldn’t not win. He had to beat me – and he beat me badly.’ If only Dave had let him win... CaMerON was accused of showing off when he went for an early morning swim during his first summit. explains his former deputy chief of staff Baroness Fall: ‘I can remember Berlusconi going to get his album to show pictures of his swimming days. I thought “angela Merkel – what did she do to deserve to see Berlusconi in his Speedos?”’ HIBERNOPHILE Joe Biden isn’t anti-British, according to ex-Washington ambassador Lord Renwick. ‘In my experience of him, his attachment to the special relationship is genuine,’ he says. ‘During the Falklands War he told me “We are going to support you because you are British”.’ WITH Princess Diana’s audi, complete with replica frog mascot, failing to sell at auction, what’s happened to Fergie’s BMW with its silver owl on the bonnet? Maybe Michael Cole, former BBC royal Correspondent, has a clue. He reported at the time that Fergie was known to stay up all night and enjoy a good hoot. Email:



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