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FANATICAL survivalists Rachel and Sylvia (Lydia West, pictured and Sue Johnston) send out another of their doom-predicting podcasts about the coming Armageddon. The pair see a great drought coming and plan to travel throughout the land in an armour-clad vehicle, sucking up the contents of garden ponds. The bonkers comedy series PREPPER (RADIO 4 (FM), 11.30AM) has returned for a four-part second series that is as enjoyably unhinged as the first one. THE London Symphony Orchestra is John Williams’s ensemble of choice for his epic film scores. In the last of a week-long celebration, THE CLASSIC FM CONCERT (8PM) features the LSO doing full justice to Williams’s music for Harry Potter And The Chamber Of Secrets. John Suchet ends the programme with a mighty, uplifting burst of Beethoven’s Choral Symphony. ALLULOSE is known as a ‘rare sugar’; it can be found in only a few foods, including figs and raisins, and is being marketed as an alternative sweetener. Allulose has the same texture as ordinary sugar and 70 per cent of the sweetness, but delivers hardly any calories or carbohydrates. Will this, Marnie Chesterton asks in CROWDSCIENCE (BBC WORLD SERVICE, 8.30PM), be the answer to the ever growing obesity problem and our hopeless addiction to the white stuff?



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