Daily Mail - 2021-06-11


Embrace democracy

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THOUGH I would accept the Queen has by and large performed well in her role, it was a leap of faith given her educational background and lack of experience. There are members of the succession who have demonstrated they do not have the talent to act as hhead of state in a global economy where technical knowledge and empathy for diversity and equality wwill secure competitive advantage. Would it not be a benefit if Prince Charles understood vaccine developments and the new quantum and nano technologies rather than an odd combination of shooting, hhomeopathy and religion? If birthright succession is such a ggood idea, why is this not the case wwith FTSE 100 companies? I love my country and am proud to be a British citizen. I just hope one day it will embrace true democracy. DAVID ALGAR, Leeds. greed, grandiose behaviour and immoral conduct. There is no reason why students should not remove the portrait of someone they hold in contempt. LAWRENCE FORRESTER, Dorchester, Dorset.



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