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Denis Sharp, Littlehampton, W. Sussex.

A FRIEND from Cumbria and I went on holiday to Germany. In a bar, he asked if he could be given some notes for a handful of small change, which he offered. Five minutes later, the barman returned with a bowl of nuts! Gwen Whittle, Liverpool. I USED to work for a firm that designed and manufactured scientific instruments. One day I was discussing a new Joke JUST for old times’ sake, I went into the hall of mirrors on Brighton Pier. It was a time for reflection. David Webb, Sompting, W. Sussex. Anagram Five Early English tourist destinations 1. Tower of London 2. Westminster Abbey 3. Kew Gardens 4. St Paul’s Cathedral 5. Stonehenge = 1. Prison’s Beefeaters 2. Want true Gothic style design? 3. Naturally like no other 4. View the grand dome 5. And witness slabs of stone! Adie C. Pena, Makai, Philippines. development in memory devices with one of the physicists, who came from Glasgow. He mentioned they were used in ‘charisma cells’. He was astonished I hadn’t heard about them as they’d been in the news because of arms limitation talks between Russia and the U.S. Then I realised that he was saying cruise missiles!



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