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Save my wedding, Boris

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KEITH LANGLEY, Nottingham.

IT’S not just the financial cost of cancelled weddings. It’s the emotional cost that is causing the most anguish. Restrictions on the number of guests means choosing one aunt and uncle over another, favouring one godparent or leaving out friends who have stood by you in good times and bad. We have postponed our wedding three times because we don’t want to make such hard decisions about who to invite. We love our friends and family dearly and would never endanger their health. Our wedding on June 26 is outside and the wedding party and guests will be double vaccinated or have had a lateral flow test. It will feel cruel and unnecessary if the Government delays lifting restrictions on June 21. CLAIRE PHILLPOT, Maidenhead, Berks. The headstone is in place and the sympathy cards have been stuck into four scrapbooks. So for the third time, I have booked the church and village hall for tea on July 30 so our family and friends can celebrate my husband’s life. JO BROWN, Dorking, Surrey. England expects I DISAGREE with a number of points in Gareth Southgate’s Dear England letter (Mail). He said playing for England is not all about winning — well, it should be. This has been the attitude of England teams for decades and look where it’s got us. He talks as if the England players were highly educated citizens handpicked for their devotion to duty. They may be role models to the young and gullible, but they don’t speak for the nation at large. N. H. WOODS, Chilton, Co. Durham. EXPECTATIONS are high for England in the Euros. However, remember the phrase: we expected the unexpected, but we never expected that. How will England fail this time? Who knew in Italia 90 and Euro 96 that the Germans would practise penalties? Who knew in Brazil that Luis Suarez was a prolific goal scorer? Beckham didn’t know you shouldn’t kick an Argentinian while Rooney didn’t realise he shouldn’t have a confrontation with Ronaldo. Did we expect to catch Iceland cold? Here is my prediction for the Euros. An exhausted, injury ravaged England reaches the final. Well into extra time, the score is level. Then our opponents send on two subs on e- scooters. Strangely, there are no rules to prevent this. One sprints down the wing, crosses the ball to the other sub, who scores the winner. We never expected that.



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