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Euro 2020

■ THE BOSS PAULO SOUSA AS a player for Portugal he reached the quarter-finals of Euro 1996 and semi-finals of Euro 2000 and I’m sure Sousa would take either of those finishes now as manager of Poland. I read recently that the 50-year-old is fluent in English, Spanish, French, Italian, plus his native Portuguese. He’s probably picked up some Polish now, too! ■ THE STAR ROBERT LEWANDOWSKI MY sources in Poland tell me this Lewandowski chap is halfdecent, and Sousa might want to think about coming up with a game plan which creates chances for him. Lewandowski (right), that Bayern Munich superstar, is a goalscoring machine. Last season he scored 48 goals for his club. The season before that — 55. There isn’t a better striker out there than this 32-year-old. Every nation will fear Poland because of his presence. ■ SUTTON’S VERDICT POLAND’S first game takes place in Russia, then their second game is in Spain, before their third game back in Russia. Sousa’s squad are certainly going to get some miles under their belt! The worry is if they lose Lewandowski. Back in March, Poland beat Andorra 3-0 with Lewandowski scoring twice. Days later, they lost 2-1 to England, with their star striker missing due to a knee injury. One man doesn’t make a team but, quite simply, with Lewandowski, Poland are a side to fear. Without him, they aren’t the same.



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