Daily Mail - 2021-06-11



Euro 2020

HERE is some good news heading into the Euros — we should not be seeing goals disallowed when toenails and armpits are offside. UEFA have instructed the VAR to only show viewers their final lines when determining offside decisions. But those lines will be slightly thicker than those we see in the Premier League, giving you more tolerance so if it is not an obvious offside, the goal will stand. That is so much better for the game. Emotions run high at a major tournament, and you cannot have an entire nation waiting two or three minutes before celebrating a goal. The other big change is the new handball law. We will not see the VAR going back and disallowing goals when a team-mate of the scorer accidentally handles in the build-up. Also, the scorer will not be penalised unless his accidental handball leads directly to a goal, such as the ball dropping at his feet immediately before he scores, or it goes into the net via his hand or arm.



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