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Euro 2020

IF your team let you down this summer, don’t despair — you could still come away from the Euros as a winner by taking part in our sweepstake! Whether competing against colleagues, friends or neighbours, pick your team and be in with a chance of claiming those all-important bragging rights... ■ STEP 1 CUT OUT THE TEAMS INDIVIDUALLY cut out each of the 24 teams on the right of this page and place them into a bowl or a hat — or any suitable receptacle of your choosing. Then, cut out the full list of teams on the left to keep a record of who has drawn which team to ensure fair play is adhered to at all times.... ■ STEP 2 TAKE YOUR PICK WILL you be lucky to draw one of the giants — or will you get one of the minnows? Cross your fingers and have a good old rummage in the hat/bowl and take your pick. Remember, Greece won against all the odds in 2004, so don’t be disheartened if you pick one of the underdogs. ■ STEP 3 WATCH IN HOPE HOPE for the best — and get behind your ‘other’ team. If there is a small number of sweepstakers in your group, one idea would be to seed the teams and pick one ‘good’ and one ‘bad’ team to ensure everyone, in theory, has a chance.



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