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Puzzles & Prizes

ACROSS 6 To apportion or give as a share (5) 7 One who writes the words for modern songs or musicals (8) 10 Sofia, U.S. film director whose films include Lost In Translation and Somewhere (7) 11 A wooden double-reed musical instrument (7) 12 A large basin-shaped crater at the top of a volcano, formed by the explosion of the cone (7) 13 The ____ Sisters, U.S. R&B group whose song Automatic reached No 2 in the UK charts in 1984 (7) 14 The design, manufacture and fitting of artificial substitutes for missing parts of the body (11) 19 Long-distance runner who is the first British track athlete to have competed at five Olympics (2,5) 21 ____ Jones, fictional archaeologist who suffered from a fear of snakes (7) 23 Either of a pair of decorative metal stands used to support logs in an open fire (7) 25 Treaty of ____ , agreement of 1821 that established the independence of Mexico from Spain (7) 26 ____ XVI, German-born prelate who succeeded John Paul II as Pope in 2005 (8) 27 Phrase meaning ‘in a bewildered state’ (2,3) DOWN 1 Open footwear with a strap between the toes (4-4) 2 A particular named style or manner of swimming (6) 3 A casual, friendly remark (10) 4 A young insect just out of its egg, resembling a short fat worm (4) 5 One who accompanies a person to a social event (6) 6 John, pioneering British aviator noted for his partnership with Arthur Brown (6) 8 NASA spacecraft that became the first to enter Saturn’s orbit in 2004 (7) 9 An ill-natured growling sound (5) 13 A direct vote of a whole nation or region (10) 15 The side of a coin bearing the head or principal symbol (7) 16 An upright-bodied marine fish of the genus Hippocampus with a prehensile tail (8) 17 Name given to August 15th 1945 that marked the complete end of World War Two (1-1,3) 18 ____ Yousafzai, Pakistani activist and co-recipient of the 2014 Nobel Peace Prize (6) 20 Bear with an eye bandage who is the mascot for BBC Children In Need (6) 22 English university founded in 1832 whose colleges include Hatfield and Van Mildert (6) 24 Jimmy, English singersongwriter and actor who played the titular TV detective in Spender (4) SOLUTION ON MONDAY



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