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Puzzles & Prizes

Your partner deals and opens 1 ♥ . What would you respond, and would it make any difference if your r.H.o. had come in with a take-out double? The correct response to 1 ♥ is 3 ♥ , showing 10-12 points with four-card heart support. had partner opened 1 ♠ , you would also have raised to 3 ♠ . If your R.h.O. had intervened with two of a minor, over the one-level major suit opening, you would still make the simple limit bid at the three-level. When R.h.O. comes in with a take-out double, the situation is quite different. The immediate limit bids over a double are devalued, with the idea of making as pre- emptive and obstructive a bid as possible, to get in the way of anything fourth-in-hand may want to bid. Bid 2NT, which in Acol, shows a full-strength raise to three of the suit, plus four-card trump support.



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