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The discovery that I had lunch in the same hotel where Matthew Perry had also been eating the afternoon before he died got me thinking about friendships; their natural ebb and flow through life, at times deepening and flourishing, at others fading and falling away. On the last day of our break in LA, we thought it would be fun to mark our Californian adventure with a final meal at the Hotel Bel-air. Unknown to us at the time, 54-year-old Perry – Chandler in beloved sitcom Friends – was lunching with entertainment journalist Athenna Crosby in a discreet corner. It seems so poignant that his Friends co-star, Jennifer Aniston, lives a five-minute drive up the road in her $21 million mansion with panoramic views of the city. Reported to have had a strong connection over the years, sadly the pair never met up the day before he passed away. Perry left the hotel alone. A week later she was at his funeral. Psychologist Marisa G Franco, PHD, author of Platonic: How the Science of Attachment Can Help You Make – and Keep – Friends, notes that we lose half our friends every seven years. It’s rarely a big falling out. Friendships fizzle for other reasons. Someone moves, gets a new job, starts a family, and so, with less in common, gradually you stop talking to each other. Female friendships tend to be more emotionally driven. But have you ever asked your other half about his pals’ lives? They usually know little – nothing! – of what’s going on in their mates’ heads, connecting by concentrating on things such as fishing or football, while women focus on each other. All of which prompted me to consider this time of year, when we rediscover our true wardrobe allies: the seasonal old reliables, bought maybe years ago, that stick with us winter after winter – never letting us down, no matter what these cold, dark months bring. My capsule pieces well worth investing in are… Well-cut black trousers My favourites are by Fillippa K (see left and above). A classic white tee I love The Clean Cut T-shirt by Cos. Hard-working jeans Go for Nili Lotan and Levi’s 501 collection. A do-it-all tote bag for travel The Louis Vuitton Neverfull MM is still legendary. Black leggings Wardrobe NYC’S styles always deliver. Oversized blazers and long coats Toteme, Cos (as pictured) and Max Mara give you plenty of choice. Smart loafers Check out Arket penny loafers or designer numbers from Gucci.