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Sins the BBC will never confront

WHAT is the BBC doing making a drama about Ireland’s greatest scandal, the horrible Magdalene Laundries, in which unmarried mothers were imprisoned and exploited, and worse, by the Catholic Church?

Were I Irish, I would wonder whether Britain didn’t have any such scandals of its own to look into. One Irish reviewer of The

Woman In The Wall, Ed Power of the Irish Times, said (accurately) that the series was a ‘baroque and hysterically overcooked attempt at confronting the wickedness’.

But it’s not just that the drama is deeply weird, full of pointless swearing and smoking and virtually impossible to follow. It is that it is deeply hypocritical to use such resources to dwell on scandals of the past which were long ago uncovered and make us look good.

I’d like to see a drama about the present-day mass slaughter of abortion and the neglect of children resulting from mass divorce, which our liberated culture has created instead.

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