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in Angus Robertson’s department’s latest glossy and no doubt cash-devouring-to-produce booklet on how easy it would be for a separated Scotland to join the eU (Mail), there is a jarring coincidence. There is an uncanny resemblance to another campaign most will remember. The similarities with the pro-Brexit campaign publications of a few years back are startling; at times almost word for word. All the ‘advantages’ are played up and the assumption that everyone else will do exactly as the SnP wants then to do, is a given. The disadvantages – and they are indeed overwhelming – and the possibility of others involved refusing to toe the SnP line and what then to do, are not mentioned at all. This latest publication can be added to Mr Robertson’s other ‘triumphs’ – the census, the pretend embassies, the jollies overseas, ad infinitum. could the cash spent on this utter nonsense, which the vast majority of Scots will not read, not be better spent on helping the genuine poor and have-nots in our country and addressing the still horrendous drug death numbers in Scotland? ALEXANDER MCKAY, edinburgh.