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Chrissie Rucker

Founder of The White Company

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Dreaming of a classic white Christmas? Take inspiration from the home of White Company founder Chrissie Rucker. Arrivals are greeted by a showstopping genuine Christmas tree seven feet high, which Rucker and her family decorate each year. ‘It’s become part of our tradition,’ she says, ‘along with ice-skating and an old-fashioned afternoon tea at Fortnum & Mason.’

As Rucker is always discovering new adornments, the tree is decorated slightly differently each time, although her understated-luxe aesthetic prevails: ‘The key is to keep it simple,’ she says. For baubles, her colour scheme revolves around ‘some white, some glass and some antiqued silver’. She only picks one or two shapes – teardrop, globe – building the scheme around them. Current favourites include glass varieties as they ‘bounce light around and create a festive ambience’.

Rucker buys her baubles in sets of six or 12, keeping heavier or larger ones closer to the centre of the tree, with the smaller ones near the ends of branches so they don’t get lost.

And lights? ‘We always start with these, winding them from bottom to top, before any baubles go on. I love to cluster them around the tree as well as in storm lanterns about the house for a warm glow.’

Rucker also displays faux garlands and wreaths on the Christmas tree, mantelpiece and doors. ‘It is a great timesaver,’ she explains. ‘Mix these up with fairy lights or candles, then add a few real flowers and some greenery just a couple of days before.’





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