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Almost half of the UK’s adult population now make regular use of prescription medication. Which is why it is important to make sure that you do not get caught short when you’re on holiday. Use the below list as a guide when planning your trip, to make sure the journey runs as smoothly as possible when you’re taking medicines abroad. Check your destinations regulations Different countries have got different rules when it comes to prescription medication. Make sure you check with the embassy of the country you’re visiting to avoid any unpleasant surprises. Request repeat prescriptions in advance Leave plenty of time to restock, to make sure that you are not scrambling and visiting all the local pharmacies in your area on the eve of your holiday. Also, check that the medication will be in date while you’re away. No one wants expired medication. Pack enough medication to cover your holiday… and then some Make sure you order and pack enough medication to cover the time you’re away, and a little more. We suggest an extra week or two’s worth of medication to account for delays, damage or loss. Take your medicine in hand luggage and carry the necessary paperwork Should you lose your luggage, carrying your medicine in your hand luggage will ensure that you’re not separated from the medicine for too long. With certain medicine and equipment such as needles or syringes, this might be a bit difficult. As such, we suggest you keep the original packaging and where possible get a letter from your GP listing the medicines. Please note that your GP may charge you for this letter as it’s not part of the routine check-up. Storing your medication when travelling If your medication needs to be kept in a fridge, consider carrying a cool bag or thermos flask, especially if you’re going to a hot country. Cover your trip with medical travel insurance It is very important to choose a policy that will cater for your needs. A policy that will cover your pre-existing medical conditions, to protect you against any unforeseen medical emergencies. If you’re travelling with a condition that requires medication, specific medical travel insurance can give you peace of mind for your next trip. From a 24/7 emergency cover helpline to help you find a healthcare provider you can trust, to up to unlimited medical emergency expenses cover, you can rest assured that your cover is tailor made, just for you. For more information or to get a quote, call us on 0808 304 4160 or visit us on