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Mail Puzles

ACROSS 8 Song by Harry Styles that reached No. 7 in the UK charts in 2020 (5,3) 9 James, comedian who plays Gavin’s closest friend in Gavin & Stacey (6) 10 The vending of secondhand articles, usually to raise money for charity (6,4) 11 ____ Batty, character in Last Of The Summer Wine played by Kathy Staff (4) 12 ____ Griffin, precocious toddler in animated sitcom Family Guy (6) 14 Worcestershire town that is the birthplace of actor Charles Dance (8) 15 To drink alcohol and enjoy oneself with others in a lively way (7) 17 Another term for a hairdresser (7) 20 A person who makes witty remarks (8) 22 Andre, pianist and conductor born in 1929 (6) 24 ____ Burdon, Newcastleborn lead singer of The Animals (4) 25 Third in command on a merchant ship (6,4) 27 Blueish-grey cubic mineral that is the primary ore of lead (6) 28 Describing goods or services sought after by many people (2,6) DOWN 1 To assess loss or damages when settling an insurance claim (6) 2 The larva of an insect, especially a beetle (4) 3 The mountain range in which the principality of Andorra is located (8) 4 Young people from abroad who help with housework and child care (2,5) 5 A long piece of writing that is usually regarded as tedious (6) 6 Late footballer born in 1944 who played for Manchester City and Derby County (7,3) 7 Cranes with pivoted arms for moving weights, especially on a ship (8) 13 Bird that probes for insects in tree bark and can chisel nest holes (10) 16 A person born under the star sign whose symbol is the water bearer (8) 18 A seasoned spread made from mashed olives, capers and anchovies (8) 19 Town in Angus in Scotland noted for its medieval cathedral (7) 21 ____ Sea, body of water that separates Australia and New Zealand (6) 23 To chant (6) 26 Performance art of which Marcel Marceau was a noted exponent (4)