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THIS is part of a conversation earlier this month between financial adviser Doug Brodie (DB) of Chancery Lane and a fraudster (WD) posing as a banker.

DB: You are Morgan Stanley, so are you in Canary Wharf [London]? WD: Absolutely, Sir DB: So can they [my client] drop off a cheque [to invest in the Centrica bond]? WD: Hmm, it is possible yes – I can arrange that. What is your email address, Sir? What I am going to do is pop you over some details and put everything in writing, so we have a record of everything.

DB: That would be wonderful. In fact, if you give me your email address, I’ll send you one and you can pick up all the details off that.

WD: Have you got a pen and paper to hand? At this juncture, with regards to your client, the email he has been liaising with is DB: No, what is your email address? WD: My personal email address? At this stage Sir, given JH is not a client of ours, I can’t disclose that. DB: Hmm, you can’t tell me your email address? WD: If you are able to pop over an email to the general enquires email, I can [then] give you my personal details. Everything has to be looked at before JH becomes a client of ours. DB: Jolly good. Another question JH asked was whether he would be able to see your details on the FCA register? WD: Absolutely Sir, yes. I have got my FCA [authorisation] number here if you would like me to disclose it? DB: What is that? WD: WTD01005. DB: And your email address at Morgan Stanley is?

WD: It is

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