NAME GAME HIDDEN in the grid is the name of an actor. Answer the questions, then rearrange the letters corres



dmg media (UK)


BOX 1: Patrick Stewart (pictured) made one of his first TV acting appearances in which programme? Z Cars (R) Coronation Street (C) The Forsyte Saga (M) BOX 2: What type of creature is a dotterel? A bird (Y) A butterfly (U) A lizard (D) BOX 3: Headmistress Crone was in charge of which animated high school? Monster High (W) Gravedale High (M) High School USA! (E) BOX 4: ‘Moke’ is a slang term for which animal? Cow (S) Horse (K) Donkey (E) BOX 5: What is the study of human beings and humanity known as? Anthropology (I) Pathology (F) Zoology (N) BOX 6: Malvolio is a pompous steward in which Shakespeare play? Romeo And Juliet (P) As You Like It (G) Twelfth Night (H) BOX 7: The Red River flows through China and which other country? Russia (N) Mongolia (L) Vietnam (O) BOX 8: Which Ancient Egyptian god was usually depicted with the head of an ibis? Ra (I) Thoth (R) Osiris (X) BOX 9: The television period crime drama Boardwalk Empire was mostly set in which U.S. state? Chicago (L) New Yor York (V) New Jersey Jer (A) Yesterd Yesterday’s answer: TOM WATSON (1T, 1T 2A, 3T, 4W, 5O, 5O 6S, 7N, 8O, 9M).