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1 The production team and I had many Zoom meetings about how I should sign off from each show. We went for a firm goodbye but I may have once signed off withawink– what Anne Robinson used to do. It was accidental, but maybe it was in some sort of tribute. 2 The series has started with celebrity specials. Some contestants – such as Anton Du Beke – were hyper-focused on winning, while others like Jay Rayner felt a bit uncomfortable. Jay’s a really smart guy but pop culture – heaven help him! When that type of question came up you could see his shoulders slump. I felt for him! 3 I was nervous before filming – I didn’t want to muck up a bulletproof format. I had to be as sharp as I could be which is why, before the show, I used an app on my phone which is designed to keep your mind as agile and fresh as possible. 4 My general knowledge is so weak – I struggle with anything outside of hip-hop between 1992 and 1999 – and my greatest fear was saying an answer was correct when it wasn’t because a contestant had answered with such conviction. The Rev Richard Coles did this once and almost got away with it! 5 I saw a new side to a few celebrities – some were absolutely seething about being booted off. They held it together for a while but the looks on some of their faces when they walked past the camera and headed back to their dressing rooms!