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1. What was Admiral Lord Nelson’s first name? a) George b) Tertius c) Horatio d) Lloyd 2. In Greek myth, who was the wife of Odysseus? a)helen b) Aphrodite c) Circe d) Penelope 3. What is the more common name for Alauda arvensis? a) Skylark b) Willow warbler c) House sparrow d) Kentish plover 4. Exeter is the capital of which English county? a) Cornwall b) Devon c) Dorset d) Essex 5. Which of the following is not a novel by Charles Dickens? a) Dombey And Son b) David Copperfield c) Barnaby Rudge d)lowtide 6. In the theatre, where would you find the ‘apron’? a) At the front of the stage b) In the stalls c)inthebox d) In the green room 7. The 1974 FIFA World Cup was held in which country? b) West Germany d) USA 8. What is Earth’s hardest natural substance? a) Topaz b) Gold c) Diamond d) Igneous rock 9. Which brand of soup features in Andy Warhol’s paintings? a)heinz b) Baxter’s c) Campbell’s d) Nestlé 10. What does the word ‘bowdlerise’ mean? a) To add a hat to a character b) To edit a text to remove offensive words c) To add humour to a text d) To make a character seem pathetic ANSWERS 1c;2d;3a;4b; 5d;6a;7b;8c;9c;10b