Event - 2020-04-05


Friday Night Dinner


Friday, Channel 4 Location, location, location. It’s as important to any TV drama now as characters and plot. Greenery, a cliff (if you’re lucky and need characters to get pushed off/contemplate jumping) but, most importantly, water. Yes, there must be water. During the opening scenes you need the audience to be hitting Google Maps, checking property prices and wondering if it’s time they gave up their semi in suburbia for a detached hideaway on the coast. Then they see how many millions a shed would cost in St Ives, decide that nothing short of selling their children on Amazon is going to help them afford it and settle down dejectedly to watch the rest of the show. I was all set to move to Loch Long, where The Nest is filmed, but unless I could live in Cape Cove, home to Dan (Martin Compston) and Emily (Sophie Rundle), I’ll stay put (it’s a luxury rental, should you be interested, and, no, you can’t afford to buy it). With floor-to-ceiling windows and its own jetty, you can only wonder why the couple would want to mess it up by having a baby. One dirty nappy in that kitchen would be like hanging a dishcloth from the Sistine Chapel; it just doesn’t bear thinking about. But after several unsuccessful attempts at conceiving and Dan’s sister Hilary (Fiona Bell) miscarrying following an attempt at surrogacy, there is only one embryo left. A chance meeting with the teenage Kaya (Mirren Mack), who offers to be a surrogate, might be the answer – at least to Emily. Dan is less sure and enlists the help of colleague/ friend Souter (David Hayman) to discover more about Kaya’s background. Was the accident in which Emily ran down Kaya really just that (it’s a



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