Event - 2020-04-05


Why is there such a buzz about..?


Neil Armstrong

It’s difficult to imagine a more emphatic demonstration of the old adage that truth is stranger than fiction. If you locked a gaggle of deranged screenwriters in a room, told them to set their imaginations free and pumped in hallucinogenic drugs, it’s unlikely they could come up with anything as bizarre as this jaw-dropping, sevenepisode documentary. It is, essentially, about the feud between Joe Exotic (right), tiger breeder and owner of a zoo in Oklahoma, and his enemy Carole Baskin, who runs a big-cat rescue organisation. But that’s akin to saying Game Of Thrones is about genealogy or that The Sopranos charts the vagaries of the wastemanagement business. Because Tiger King also features murder, hit men, polygamy, drugs, a doctor of ‘mystical science’, a zoo-owner who may have been the model for Tony Montana in Scarface ,a missing multi-millionaire and a woman who returned to work only a couple of days after having her arm bitten off by a tiger. A movie is reportedly in the works but, seriously, why bother?



The Mail on Sunday

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