Event - 2020-04-05


Terror in paradise


BBC2, 9pm It was a year ago on Easter Sunday that the island paradise of Sri Lanka was rocked by suicide bomb blasts claiming more than 270 lives, in a terrorist attack that was the work of Islamist extremists. Incisive reporter Jane Corbin (right) documents how luxury hotels and Christian churches packed with innocents were targeted for mass murder. She hears dramatic accounts from the worshippers and tourists who were eyewitnesses to these traumatic events, interwoven with CCTV footage from the scenes. But this is also the story of the terrorists themselves. Corbin discovers how they were radicalised and fell under the influence of the pernicious ethos of Islamic State, and she learns that the authorities in Sri Lanka failed to act on repeated warnings. Hindsight is always a wonderful thing, but the dreadful conclusion is that the attacks – in which eight Britons died – could have been prevented.



The Mail on Sunday

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