Event - 2020-04-05


Return to Belsen


ITV, 9pm In April 1945, BBC war correspondent Richard Dimbleby was with the British Army as they went into Bergen-belsen, the first of the Nazi concentration camps to be liberated. What he saw there, and described in the radio report that was broadcast a few days later, is part of one of the darkest chapters in human history. His presenter son Jonathan Dimbleby (above right) now presents this unforgettable film. It is in part a tribute to the most significant moment in his father’s brilliant career, but more importantly it provides a platform for survivors of Belsen – who are now in their 80s and 90s – to describe the daily horrors they witnessed. There are also British veterans looking back, among them Corporal Ian Forsyth. He is still haunted by the nightmarish visions he saw when he was 21 years old, and now hopes that his great-grandsons will never have to endure such horrors.



The Mail on Sunday

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