Event - 2020-04-05


Dynamo: Beyond Belief


Sky One, 9pm Showing that a British magician can match anything America’s David Blaine can do and more, over the past few years Dynamo (right) has wowed fans with head-stratchingly mystifying feats, from levitating above the Shard to walking on water on the Thames. But in this new three-part series (with all episodes immediately available) the Bradford-born prestidigitator not only turns on the magic but also tells a very personal story, of his own battle against illness and how he found inspiration for these crowd-pleasing stunts. It’s an intensely spectacular affair, taking Dynamo around the globe, from Mexico City and Moscow to Dubai and Japan. Of course, ultimately, it’s all about the tricks, and you’ll be left pondering them for days afterwards as he reads the minds of strangers and makes solid objects disappear.



The Mail on Sunday

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