Event - 2020-04-05


Joe lycett’s got Your Back


Channel 4, 8pm Fondly resurrecting the mischievous spirit of the old BBC consumer investigations series presented by Esther Rantzen, That’s Life!, comedian Joe Lycett (right) is championing some unlikely causes but in a thoroughly entertaining fashion as his series returns. One target is fashion firm Hugo Boss, which took legal action against a Welsh brewery because it had the temerity to call itself Boss. Lycett’s response is to change his name by deed poll to – you guessed it – ‘Hugo Boss’, but that’s not the half of it as he pushes matters to a ridiculous degree. Plus, we learn how online shoppers have been finding out that supposedly new underwear has been worn by someone else before it arrives in the post. And celebrity guest Katherine Ryan helps expose the unscrupulous scammers who are falsely promising to transform unwary wannabes into successful influencers on social media.



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