You - 2021-10-10


My game-changing glow getters


Often when it comes to products that are created to add glow and even a bit of shimmer to the complexion, they come so overladen with that shimmer that when you apply them, you feel as though you’re off to audition for Love Island. And that’s never a look I’m aiming for. However, there are a few recent launches in this category that I want to recommend highly as they add just the right amount of radiance, and give your skin a lovely boost in appearance while still looking natural. Firstly, there’s Versed Mood Lighting Glow Drops (£14.99, These come in two shades: I like Sheer Golden, but there’s also Sheer Bronzed. This liquid loveliness gives just the vaguest hint of colour to skin – enough to warm it up a little, take the edge off paleness and add some life to any tone. The colour is buildable, too – not exactly to a bold bronze or anything, but you can keep adding for a little extra goldenness. It also comes with polyglutamic acid – an even more effective hydrator than hyaluronic acid – so it gives skin an added boost. You can use it alone – I do – but it works as a great base for a foundation, too. Then there’s Vieve Skin Nova Instant Radiance Primer (£27, The idea behind this is a similar hybrid approach: a dewy finish. However, this one comes in a pump dispenser tube, so if you prefer not to deal with a runny liquid, this is for you. It has a more golden sun colour but this blends in seamlessly once applied to the face and just gives a wonderful boost that makes you look fresher, brighter and generally that bit better. This too comes with skincare benefits, in this case, some beta-glucan to hydrate; rose water not only to hydrate but to calm and add glow, too, and niacinamide, which is good for skin tone. Again, use alone, as a primer or mix with foundation. Lastly, there is Glossier Solar Paint Luminous Bronzer Crème (£17, This is a tad different from the above two as it’s a bronzer, but it’s a bronzer with a difference: it comes in a tube with a doefoot (sponge tip) applicator, and the texture is like a light, whipped gel. I love the practicality of it, it’s so easy to use: just put a few dots of product at the hairline, contouring under the cheekbone, along the jawline and add a touch to the middle of the nose, too – then blend in with fingers. @edwinaingschambers


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