The Mail on Sunday - 2021-10-10



Get Puzzling!

There’s an amazing £1,500 prize for the first correct solution drawn at random in our general knowledge Prize Crossword. Entries must arrive by Friday, October 15 (photocopies not accepted). Today’s solution will appear next week and the winner’s name on Sunday, October 31. SEE BELOW THE GRID for details on how to enter. Across 1 A point at which things meet or cross, especially a road junction (12) 8 Sovereign city-state and microstate on the French Riviera (6) 11 Tools with a small handle and a metal or plastic blade, used in DIY (8) 12 Violations of the rules in sport (5) 13 A small opening for the passage or escape of fumes (4) 14 A medallion, as on a brooch or ring, with a profile head carved in relief (5) 15 A medium-sized herding breed of dog with a long, straight coat (7,6) 17 An ancient Latin city, legendary birthplace of Romulus and Remus (4,5) 19 ––– swan, aquatic bird with a noisy cry and a black and yellow bill (7) 23 A small building or lean to, used for storage (4) 24 A large medieval siege engine for hurling missiles (9) 25 The people who serve on or operate a ship, boat or aircraft (4) 26 Frankenstein –––, 1990 sci-fi horror film starring John Hurt, based on a 1973 novel by Brian Aldiss (7) 28 The ship in which the Pilgrim Fathers sailed from Plymouth to Massachusetts in 1620 (9) 31 The person in charge of a sporting team at a large international event (4,2,7) 34 Ridges of rock, sand or coral, the tops of which lie close to the surface of the sea (5) 36 The ––– Danube, English title of a famous waltz by Johann Strauss II (4) 37 An additional clause, amendment or stipulation added to a legal or other document (5) 38 Having equal atmospheric pressure (8) 39 A mixture of flour, eggs and milk, used to make pancakes and to coat foods before frying (6) 40 The 1st Earl of Leicester, favourite of Elizabeth I (6,6) Down 2 A sugary fluid produced by plants, collected by bees and other animals (6) 3 (Of an object) decorated or covered with a coloured, glassy substance (9) 4 To distort or bias (4) 5 Covered dishes of earthenware or glass in which food is cooked and served (10) 6 To conclude by reasoning from evidence (5) 7 The sensation that precedes vomiting (6) 8 and 30 A Dance To The ––– ––– –––, 12-volume book series by Anthony Powell (5,2,4) 9 Ivor –––, Welsh composer, singer and actor whose songs include Keep The Home Fires Burning (7) 10 Arthropods with segmented bodies, each segment bearing one pair of legs (10) 16 Felix –––, Austrian author and critic whose most famous work was Bambi, A Life In The Woods (6) 18 A large, round Dutch cheese, mild and similar in taste to Edam (5) 20 A baked meat or fish dish covered with a layer of potatoes (6) 21 Small rodent bred in captivity for its soft, silvery-grey fur (10) 22 A type of wooden cabinet (10) 25 A port in North East Ohio, on Lake Erie (9) 27 Unusual, unconventional or eccentric (7) 29 Large steel beam used in the construction of bridges and buildings (6) 30 See 8 32 A mistake or inaccuracy, as in action or speech (5) 33 Vegetation consisting of stunted trees, bushes and other plants growing in an arid area (5) 35 Gerald –––, 38th President of the United States (4)


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