The Mail on Sunday - 2021-11-21


Not bad eh, Charles! Well it was painted by the official tour artist


HE IS known to be a keen painter – but Prince Charles didn’t have time to crack out his own watercolours on his tour of the Middle East last week. Instead, he travelled with an official artist, Tim Scott Bolton, who captured the historic sights they encountered. The 74-year-old will present his depictions of Christ’s baptism site in Jordan and the historic ruins of Umm Qais, left, to Charles and Camilla soon. However, it is not the first time the artist has worked for the Royal couple. In 2017, he accompanied them on a visit to Romania, Italy and Austria. But the RAF flight out was on his 70th birthday and he admitted arriving at Brize Norton ‘a little worse for wear’. However, he was greeted with a gift from Charles – ‘a fine plate made by one of the Prince’s charities in Egypt’. Of last week’s Middle East trip, Mr Scott Bolton said: ‘This tour has been wonderful but rather hurried. ‘When we’re back at home, I will present the paintings to the Prince at Clarence House.’ A source said: ‘As a patron of the arts and a keen amateur watercolourist, the Prince likes to create a record of the tour that goes beyond photography.’ The Prince covers the expense of hiring the artist himself.


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