The Mail on Sunday - 2021-11-21


• IF YOU think being the granddaughter of Rupert Murdoch is easy, just ask Charlotte Freud – she reckons it can leave a person with shell-shock!

China In The Dock

After Charlotte, right, posted a snap of herself in Las Vegas, one catty Instagram follower suggested her life must be a doddle. But Charlotte, 21, replied wittily: ‘It’s a healthy balance of nice vacations and PTSD!’ Some wondered if Charlotte – the daughter of media exec Elisabeth Murdoch and PR guru Matthew Freud – was in Sin City to marry rapper fiance Lukey Storey. But she says: ‘You clearly don’t know me at all – why would I rob myself of the day where I’m the centre of attention and hundreds of people have to tell me I’m pretty?’ Her dad tells me the wedding will be next year.


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