The Mail on Sunday - 2021-11-21

Data: absentee Coe runs a mile!

China In The Dock

SEB COE is going for gold again, I can reveal. The Olympian tells me he’s taken a leave of absence from the Lords ‘to focus’ on his Monaco-based job as President of World Athletics. Lord Coe, left, who has spoken in the Upper House on only seven occasions since 2000 and last voted in April, said living in the principality for the past six years made it hard to contribute. Asked why he’s taking leave rather than maintaining occasional visits, Coe said it will make it easier for the Whips to count Tory peers for votes! It also means he no longer has to declare directorships of lottery, gambling and mining companies or his paid advisory role to investment bank Morgan Stanley. Patriotically, the gold medallist said he has no plans to change his tax residency from the UK to Monaco. Later, he rang me back. Had he changed his mind? No, sorry, wrong number. He was trying to book a table at an Italian restaurant.


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