The Mail on Sunday - 2021-11-21



Get Puzzling!

Our Bare Bones Crossword is unique because you have to complete the grid – numbers and squares – as well. We have inserted four black squares and four clue numbers to get you going. The crossword has a four-way symmetry: both top and bottom and left and right match, so you can fill in 12 more squares straight away. Across 7 Strike holds answer to beer gut 8 Husband terribly late with right sort of dress 11 Inside the native bird 12 Disenfranchise seven, working around city 13 Devout woman in prison, unexpectedly 14 Appear to join, we hear 15 First appeared in drab ornament 20 Pass out of recollection 21 Thicken recipe in this room 22 Won over for the present 23 Joined, left inside, confused 24 Promises not to start sills Down 1 Depicted woman as a butterfly (Two words) 2 Messenger joins a new set 3 Germany’s top presenter, in spirit 4 Has trouble getting round large number of fish 5 Extraterrestrial finds fib in article 6 Accountant finding pulse on table (Two words) 9 Material – last couple removed small subject 10 Secret defence group studied afterwards 16 Heard oar is made of bone 17 English duet – different piece 18 Explosive found on the beach 19 Mocking end is not right


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