You CAN get beer (after 7pm and a 35min wait)



dmg media (UK)


IT IS possible to find a beer in Qatar – but it takes some tenacity. Parched football fans must wait until 7pm before being permitted an ‘official’ beer. The Budweiser tent in the Fan Festival zone along Doha’s waterfront has about 50 fridges containing thousands of chilled cans. Supporters need to join a zig-zagging queue, which last night was taking 35 minutes to reach the bar. Each can is half a litre (0.88 of a pint) and costs a sobering £12. According to the strictures laid down by the morality police, nobody can buy more than four drinks to avoid ‘public displays of excessive drunkenness’. But crafty supporters worked out that nobody was checking, and it was possible to order round after round. Scott Parkes, 33, was the first England fan to get his hands on a lager. Mr Parkes, a brewery manager from Winchester, Hampshire, said of the price: ‘I’m going to make sure I enjoy this.’