I warned there would be a price to pay over Covid. Now do you believe me?

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THE coming years of heavy taxes, along with the inflation and rising mortgage rates we face, are not caused by some unstoppable force of nature. Nor is the wild rise in energy prices. All these things are the direct result of government actions. They did not need to happen. I have warned against them all. And yet there is no political party, not even a minority group in Parliament, that has been remotely interested in such warnings. The whole House of Commons thinks in unison. On every subject where it could have been right, or even divided, it has been unanimously wrong. Perhaps those of you who have repeatedly ignored my advice that the Tory Party is not your friend, and our governments are not competent, will now finally begin to listen. And maybe those who now wave and fly the flag of Ukraine might also begin to wonder if they have been had (they have been). In the spring of 2020, I tried almost alone to warn that the Government was making a grave mistake about Covid, over-reacting wildly like a man who burns down his house to get rid of a wasps’ nest. I wrote here in May that year: ‘Think of Chancellor Rishi Sunak as a smiling salesman of payday loans, and you will begin to get the picture. But it will not be the cheery face of Mr Sunak that you see when the time comes for repayment, but the hard and relentless agents of Her Majesty’s Revenue and Customs.’ I pointed out: ‘Nobody has ever seen so much wild spending of nonexistent money before in peacetime. Some idiots nowadays think you can do this without consequences… This is not fairy gold we are spending now on Mr Sunak’s furloughs and emergency loans. It is our future for many years to come. ‘We cannot know the exact details of what lies ahead, though I would not rule out a sudden raid on savings as well as severe local and national taxation, direct and indirect, and inflation of the currency.’ Your savings, by the way, do not need to be raided. They are being gobbled up by inflation while you sleep. Even longer ago, on this page on April 5, 2008, I wrote: ‘I sometimes wonder if our leaders actually want to drive Russia into an angry, sullen isolation. Russians are proud and patriotic. They are as wounded by the loss of status and empire as we were in the Fifties. Why rub their noses in it, week by week, by keeping Nato alive years after it should have been wound up and by threatening to extend it into Ukraine and Georgia? It is by doing things such as this that we created Vladimir Putin.’ And I predicted: ‘The next European war will be fought with gas and oil and pipelines, and it is pretty clear that Russia controls more of these things than we do.’ I could add the many times I have here warned against the supposedly ‘Conservative’ Government’s surrender to the Extinction Rebellion zealots, and the mad, irrevocable destruction by explosives of our coal-fired power stations. We did not even have the modesty and caution to mothball them in case it was a mistake. If we had kept them, they would now come in very handy indeed. Who could dare criticise us for doing so, as China and India build new ones every few weeks? Look, I was right over these major issues of national policy, and the entire political and media establishments were wrong, because we have handed over the running of the country to ignorant teenagers who know no history and lack the character to question or doubt. Do you think you might just possibly pay more attention to me in future?