Two-year licence delay



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Ms M.G. writes: I read with interest your recent article about DVLA delays involving driving licences for those with a medical condition. I have been trying to get a renewal for a long time and it now asks people not to contact it for an update. YOU told me that you originally tried to renew your licence online two years ago, but ran into problems with the DVLA website. Then the Government announced that because of the pandemic, licences due to expire in 2020 would automatically be extended for 11 months. Confusingly though, a DVLA letter in July 2021 told you that your licence was no longer valid, so you applied for a new one. This must have been frustrating, but worse still, in August this year you were told that your 2021 application had run out of time and you would have to start all over again. I suspect this advice was computergenerated and nobody had actually looked at the background. I contacted DVLA for a comment and staff there promptly issued your new licence. It told me it is back to the normal timetable for handling applications, except for some medical cases which