Albanian rally showed zero respect for UK



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The attack on Churchill’s statue perpetrated by Albanians, as reported last week, was shocking but not surprising. This country has lost its backbone and the consequence is that incomers are imposing their cultures on us and expecting us to take it on the chin. The uncontrolled immigration we have experienced in recent years is having its consequences, and I fear what we have seen so far is just the beginning. Mick Ferrie, Mawnan Smith, Cornwall Sickening disrespect from these people and sickening inaction from the police. These protesters claim to have come to this country for a ‘better life’, but they have zero respect for anything British. Sarah Wright, Lincoln Let’s not forget that many immigrants have been here for decades and integrated into British society flawlessly. So why should their children suffer at school and their reputations be tarnished? All from the actions of their countrymen who have taken advantage of our country’s flaws – created by UK politicians from both major parties. A. Gray, Coventry Who do these Albanian migrants think they are? Some have come here illegally and yet drape their flag over Winston Churchill. I did say a while ago that we British will soon be migrants in our own country, and seeing this article in The Mail on Sunday is confirming my worst fears. The time has come to return them all to Albania and bolt the doors shut. Sarah Williams, Hastings One of the protesters, Fehmi Shehi, admitted to coming to Britain illegally in 1999 but claims to have been a British citizen since 2010 with an English wife and family. Is it too cynical to think Mr Shehi received a shiny new British passport from his wife as a wedding present? He should have received a deportation order from the UK Border Force as an illegal immigrant instead. L. Gillooley, Lancaster These protesters are absolutely entitled to free speech and they practised that right – serenely and peacefully. Good on them for rejecting this Government’s appalling smears depicting them as criminals. Aaron Rogers, London Many of these young men have spent a lot of money to come to this country with the objective to either take whatever they can from us or to help others who have already arrived here. Their ‘two fingers up’ to the British way of life and respect for others enforces my view to keep these louts out of the country. Howard Bairstow, Newbury, Berkshire