Kind Kate shames energy chiefs



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What a wonderful and generous gesture from Kate Winslet (left) to donate £17,000 to keep a girl with cerebral palsy alive, as reported in last week’s Mail on Sunday. However, it is such a shame that the energy companies do not make exceptions in extreme cases such as this one. Good luck to mother Carolynne Hunter and her daughter Freya. Ellen Owens, Windsor It was so kind and generous of Kate Winslet to donate to help Carolynne Hunter and her daughter. I don’t know how one copes with such a situation – from the reality of caring for such a disabled child to the escalating bills that make it seem impossible to carry on. M. O’Neill, Leicester While I agree that Kate Winslet donating money to a struggling family was a fantastic thing to do, I personally think donations are best done privately. I was also suspicious that this has happened so close to Kate starring in Channel 4’s I Am Ruth. I have to wonder if this all could be a publicity stunt. L. Riley, South Shields Thank you, Kate, for helping mother Carolynne as her energy bills could triple from £6,500 to £17,000. Families like the Hunters should be automatically exempt from bill rises, or have them settled by the Government. A. Barnes, Bradford