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1 MOVIES: To date, who is the only woman to have received two Academy Award nominations for Best Director, winning for The Power Of The Dog? 2 MUSIC: Which Italian dance group released the 1989 UK No 1 single Ride On Time? 3 TV & RADIO: Set in Hastings, which ITV crime drama starred Michael Kitchen as the title character, and took place between 1940 and 1947? 4 SPORT: British swimmer Adam Peaty holds two world records in which stroke? 5 POLITICS: Which Tory politician served as British prime minister for 119 days, from April to August 1827? 6 LITERATURE: Who wrote the poem She Walks In Beauty? 7 HISTORY: The United States Army officer and cavalry commander George Custer was killed during which battle in 1876? 8 NATURE: What is the common name for semiaquatic animals in the genus Castor, which are the world’s second-largest living rodents? 9 WORDS: What is the meaning of the word coruscate? a) Shatter, b) Surprise, c) Sparkle. 10 BRITAIN: Which English city on the River Lune is located a few miles inland from Morecambe Bay? 11 THIS YEAR: Which billionaire completed his purchase of the social media website Twitter on October 28? 12 POT LUCK: With a name derived from the Greek for ‘little king’, which legendary reptile was reputed to cause death with a single glance?