Bradley Allen, Tottenham academy coach



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World Cup 2022

I STILL remember our chat with Harry and his dad Pat, sitting alongside John McDermott [then the academy manager, now FA technical director] in the office at our former training ground at Chigwell. It was the end of his under-14s year and they were a bit nervous. They weren’t sure if we were going to keep him for another two years. But we were positive in our thoughts. We suggested some stuff that we felt he needed to do more work on. His fitness and his running capacity. He wasn’t the quickest player then. He had started to show that tremendous ability to strike the ball, but we also thought there was room for more technical development. Pat looked across at Harry and said: ‘Well, there you go, son, the coaches fully believe in you, you know what you’ve got to do, it’s over to you.’ And, you know, the rest is history. As coach, you encourage young players to take responsibility for their work, to be a pest, to ask to do extra. And Harry bought into that.