Jane Fonda’s secret to snapping out of a failing relationship... an elastic band

By Jane Wharton



dmg media (UK)



WITH three marriages and several relationships in her 85 years, Jane Fonda has learned a thing or two about break-ups. And now the Hollywood veteran has revealed the secret to getting through the pain of a romantic meltdown without coming to blows: an elastic band. ‘For anyone who is going through a painful break-up, let me give you a piece of advice my therapist gave me,’ she says. ‘Put a rubber band around your wrist, and every time you feel like sticking a knife into the f ***** , snap it hard. ‘It snaps you out of it – it works.’ Fonda says she received the advice while splitting from media mogul Ted Turner, whom she says she adored, even though they divorced in 2001 after a decade together. The double Oscar winner, who recently announced she is in remission from cancer, said she stopped dating when she turned 80, but has thrown herself into her work. She has three films out this year including 80 For Brady – a comedy following octogenarian American football fans trying to get to the Super Bowl. The movie also features her frequent collaborator Lily Tomlin, 83, and other close friends Rita Moreno, 91, and the ‘baby’ of their group Sally Field, 76. The quartet spoke jointly in today’s You magazine, where Fonda described why she believes male friendships differ from female ones. ‘Men [when they socialise] tend to look out at things, like cars and sports,’ she says. ‘Women when they are together look straight into each other’s eyes. We’re not afraid to ask each other for help. I think that’s why women live longer than men. ‘Sometimes years will go by when I don’t see Sally – but when we do have dinner, we drill right down to a soul level, really intense right away.’ She then quipped: ‘We also get drunk.’ Fonda was married to Barbarella film director Roger Vadim between 1968 and 1973, and activist Tom Hayden from 1973 to 1990, before marrying CNN founder Turner. After her split from her last partner, record producer Richard Perry in 2017, she said she had given up on dating and declared last month: ‘I am happier than I’ve ever been.’ She has also continued her activism, spending her 82nd birthday in jail after being arrested with Field and Tomlin, at a climate change protest in Washington DC in 2019. She said: ‘Hope is a verb… hope requires action.’