OnlyFans model claims tax break... for boob job

By Natasha Livingstone



dmg media (UK)


INFLUENCERS for the adult subscription site OnlyFans can claim tax relief on breast-enhancement operations they say are a business expense, The Mail on Sunday can reveal. HM Revenue & Customs allows self-employed ‘performers or entertainers’ to claim concessions for cosmetic surgery if they can show that it was needed solely for professional purposes. And in the first known case of its kind, the MoS can disclose that an unnamed content creator for OnlyFans, where models typically post explicit material for cash, persuaded HMRC that a breast enhancement was a legitimate business expense and received a tax concession last year. The average boob jobs costs between about £3,500 and £8,000, according to the NHS. But last night the concession was branded a ‘loophole’ amid calls for a review. Love Island star Megan BartonHanson is one of the most lucrative creators on OnlyFans and has reportedly made £1.5million in the past two years from the platform. In 2021, she spoke about undergoing a breast operation after weight loss left her implants uneven. Last night, her agent could not confirm if Ms Barton-Hanson had claimed tax relief on any surgery. Former pop star Kerry Katona, reality TV star Lauren Goodger and X Factor contestant Chloe Khan are also high earners on OnlyFans who have had several breast operations. However, none of them has taken advantage of the concession. The tax break was first reported in 2003 following a test case in which an anonymous radio broadcaster who moved to TV successfully argued he needed his teeth straightened to land a new job. The rule changes meant that facelifts, breast implants, Botox injections and teeth-whitening could be claimed. Accountant Rachel Harris, whose OnlyFans client claimed the boob job for tax concessions last year, told the MoS that HMRC guidance was out of date in the age of social media, with an estimated 100,000 influencers working in Britain. ‘These rules were made when people didn’t create the kind of content they do now. We need more guidance from HMRC,’ said Mrs Harris, who has written a ‘tax guide for influencers’ and said she has a ‘niche sector of clients’ who work for OnlyFans. An HMRC spokesman said: ‘It’s very unlikely that a non-health-related operation would be an allowable expense.’ Tory MP Alexander Stafford, who sits on the Business Committee, told the MoS: ‘I feel sure most taxpayers won’t be happy to learn that tax allowances are being used in this way. ‘Therefore, I think it is entirely right to review this loophole relating to cosmetic procedures and, preferably, close it as soon as possible.’