Uni a drag for Ed’s boy



dmg media (UK)



FORMER Labour MP and Strictly star Ed Balls nearly dropped his partner Katya Jones during a dance, so perhaps he can get some tips on performing from his son Joel. The 22-year-old student took to the stage as drag queen Ms Vanity Vengeance, left, for a Warwick University fundraiser – with his stage name inspired by Princess Diana. I’m told it came about after a friend noted the similarity between the outfit Joel chose and Diana’s famous ‘revenge dress’, which she wore on the night Charles admitted to adultery. Joel, whose mother is Labour frontbencher Yvette Cooper, tells me: ‘While the first 15 minutes of a drag debut are always going to be daunting, the cheers and excitement in the room quickly overpowered that and it was a joyous and empowering experience.’