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Spring Into Shape

YOU know that thing you keep saying you’ll try one day? Make today the day! If you’ve been wondering why your friend can’t live without their weekly Zumba, bounce fitness or aqua aerobics workout, challenge yourself to give it a go. Many places offer a free or reducedprice taster session, and who knows, you might find you love it as much as they do. If nothing springs to mind, check the notice boards at your nearby leisure or community centre or church hall, or scan your local Facebook page for free walking groups. Just remember, the first step to enjoying something new is giving it a try in the first place. TAKE IT UP A NOTCH: ■ Could you make your walk to work a little longer by adding a detour? ■ If you walk the kids to school, how about going in trainers so you can power-walk or jog home. ■ Hop off the bus a stop early and walk the rest of the way ■ Take the stairs instead of the lift at work ■ Put on your favourite tunes to add some va-va-voom to your vacuuming TRY THE ‘JUST A BIT MORE’ CHALLENGE: ■ Do something once today, twice tomorrow, three times on the third day… and keep on going. You could focus on a single exercise like a squat, count the seconds as you hold a stretch or walk to one lamp post today and two tomorrow — whatever works for you. BE INSPIRED TO CHANGE ■ BUILD active habits into your day-to-day life at your own pace with Slimming World’s Body Magic physical activity support programme which is individually tailored to your current fitness and mobility levels. You’ll find more tips, delicious recipes and motivational stories at