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SOMETIMES, it’s nice to be cheered up by a letter from a reader – especially when you’ve just had to wade through reams of Budget paperwork. So thank you to John Holden, from Pontypool, for thanking me in helping him get back most of his money from an investment in failed fund group Arch Cru. Although it’s taken a while, John has now recovered most of the £20,000 he invested 12 years ago. ‘I am now closing the book on this sorry episode,’ he told me last week. ‘But I would like to thank you for your tireless, public spirited and highly effective campaign in getting justice for investors like me.’ John, it’s my pleasure. Let’s hope my campaign to get justice for Woodford Equity Income investors is equally successful. It’s no coincidence the fund overseers for Arch Cru and Woodford were Link Group (not connected to Link, the cash machine network operator).