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I wasn’t surprised to read that Saturday Night Takeaway has lost a third of its viewers. I now watch Saturday Night Talkaway on TalkTV. It combines topical chat, plus lots of humorous segments, and viewers can take part by phone and text. Hosts Kevin O’Sullivan, Andre Walker and Danielle Nicholls beat Ant and Dec in our house. Philip Brannon, London Modern TV viewers tire of their celebrities much quicker now. Morecambe and Wise would probably have met the same fate in today’s world. Saskia Kennedy, Wexford The fall in viewing figures is more to do with the fact the programme has outlived its entertainment value, along with Britain’s Got Talent and The X Factor, to name but two. The public are fed up with seeing two men acting like silly little boys. A. Williams, Stone, Staffordshire The article states that the show drew in 11.1 million viewers when it was at its peak. But that was in March 2020 when we were in lockdown, so everyone was stuck at home. Clare Fletcher, Swindon