The Scottish Mail on Sunday - 2021-10-10



Get Puzzling!

WIN A COLLINS ENGLISH DICTIONARY AND THESAURUS SET, AND A BRADFORD’S CROSSWORD SOLVER’S DICTIONARY Our Bare Bones Crossword is unique because you have to complete the grid – numbers and squares – as well. We have inserted four black squares and four clue numbers to get you going. The crossword has a fourway symmetry: both top and bottom and left and right match, so you can fill in 12 more squares straight away. Across 1 Blamed cocky ensemble for dark play (Two words) 9 Stick to African country – no borders 10 Twist wife to get some jewellery 11 Care about the area 12 Worry about horse in slaughter 14 Come on – wasted year to get wealth 16 Pale bin transported in old vessel 18 With cheese – that’s a good joke 21 Bishop, elderly but courageous 22 Game is big on improvement 24 Primate gets a kiss at the top 25 Mild inclination to design long steeple (Two words) Down 2 Left port fully loaded 3 Bully making firm point 4 Trim a short bit of film 5 Gullible person starts to make ugly grimaces 6 Sewer initially damaged by bad weather 7 Changing a topic – car requires storage facility 8 First performed for leading journalist 13 German leader acquires a French firearm 15 Basic arrangement includes vehicle 17 Promise to remove initial shelf 19 Fellow taking Frenchman to be a winner 20 Formerly in concert 22 Chewed on a section 23 Lubricant coming from boiler


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