The Scottish Mail on Sunday - 2021-11-21


Fears grow for ‘confused, weak’ Biden


By Caroline Graham

CONCERNS over the health of US President Joe Biden, who turned 79 yesterday, were growing last night. The man nicknamed ‘Sleepy Joe’ by Donald Trump spent part of Friday under anaesthetic for a medical checkup and a colonoscopy. His presidential powers were handed to his deputy, Kamala Harris, for about 90 minutes. Biden looks increasingly weak and doddery, he is given to moments of confusion and prone to gaffes. Even his White House PR team can no longer cover up for his mishaps, such as nodding off during the COP26 conference, where he also broke wind in front of the Duchess of Cornwall. Political calamities such as the withdrawal from Afghanistan continue to haunt him. Former House Speaker Newt Gingrich summed up such fears when he said: ‘It’s sad and a little frightening that the commander-in-chief, the guy in charge of nuclear weapons and who represents America, looks this confused, weak, feeble and uncertain.’ A poll last week showed Biden’s approval ratings have plummeted to 36 per cent, his lowest ever, with 53 per cent believing he’s not up to the job. At a recent event, bystanders watched as he was introduced to colleagues of ten or 20 years standing without seeming to know who they were. Critics who once whispered about his mental deterioration are now openly saying he has dementia, possibly Alzheimer’s. They point to the fact he needs ‘cue cards’ to prompt him when meeting world leaders or facing the press. In September, he forgot the name of the Australian Prime Minister, calling him ‘that fellow Down Under’, and he once struggled to remember his own defence secretary’s name – saying ‘the guy who runs that outfit over there’. Biden was back at work by Friday afternoon, but one source who previously worked in the White House said: ‘Everyone knew Reagan was losing it by the end of his term. Reagan left office when he was 77. Biden is 79 and only in the first year.’


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