UK in chip drive amid China fears

By Glen Owen



dmg media (UK)

The Party’s Over

MINISTERS are planning a British electronics revolution in case China invades Taiwan and cripples the global microchip market. Chancellor Jeremy Hunt and Science Secretary Michelle Donelan are drawing up a ‘semiconductor strategy’ as part of moves to ease the UK’s reliance on the Asian market for vital electronic components. Taiwan – which China regards as a breakaway ‘province’ that will eventually be placed under Beijing’s control, by force if necessary – makes up to 90 per cent of the world’s most advanced microchips which are used in smartphones, computers, cars and military hardware. A senior Government source said: ‘We are working on a socalled “coiled spring” model, which will focus on our strengths in semiconductor design and invest in research and development. The ultimate aim is to create a semiconductor manufacturing industry in the UK.’