HOW two figures in the news are joined by a series of unexpected connections.




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Peter Hitchens

FIONA BRUCE … has quit her role as ambassador for domestic violence charity Refuge after Twitter activists took her words on BBC1 Question Time out of context, accusing her of making light of the issue. She was born in Singapore (where her Scottish father worked for chemical giant Unilever), as was Loose Women’s… RUTH LANGSFORD … whose dad was with the Army. The presenter has misophonia, which makes her unreasonably irritated by everyday sounds such as chewing or heavy breathing. Other sufferers include… KELLY OSBOURNE ... the daughter of Black Sabbath rocker Ozzy. She had a troubled youth, on heroin at 13; drinking three bottles of champagne and 24 cans of alcopops a day; and getting 19 tattoos, which she later had removed. Also lamenting their body art was… ARIANA GRANDE … who decided to have the title of her 2019 hit 7 Rings tattooed on to her palm in Japanese. But when she showed it on social media she found out it translated to ‘small barbecue grill’. Grande is allergic to bananas and cancelled gigs in 2019 when she developed a tomato allergy, too – an affliction she shares with… JESSICA SIMPSON The singer emerged from America’s Christian-rock circuit and wore a ‘purity ring’ to show her commitment to remaining a virgin until her 2002 marriage. Another star to have worn the ring is… MILEY CYRUS … who once said she was ‘the girl no one can get’, but a few years later adopted a raunchy, sexualised image – and ditched the ring. She now identifies as pansexual, attracted to people regardless of their sex or gender identity, as does… CARA DELEVINGNE … the cover star of Vogue’s April 2023 issue, in which she reveals she checked into rehab last year after pictures showing her looking dishevelled came as ‘a reality check’. In contrast, the model looked stunning at last week’s Oscars, where she was paid a reported £200,000 to wear a Bulgari diamond choker.